Introduction to Computer Programming   [Archived Catalog]
2012-2013 Catalog [Aug. 2012-Aug. 2013]

COP 1000 - Introduction to Computer Programming

This is an essential first course for Information Technology majors. It will introduce the fundamentals of computer programming, covering the basic computer science vocabulary and topics such as algorithm design, user interfaces, data validation techniques, integrated development environments (IDEs), programming debugging and testing, use of application programmer interfaces (APIs), and an introduction to object-oriented programming. Students will be taught algorithm design using structured flow charting and pseudo-coding techniques. The programming language Pascal will be introduced and used throughout the course to supplement the theoretical foundations that are being built.
Degrees Offered: A.A., A.S.

Credit Hours:3. 
Contact Hours: 3 lecture hours; 1 laboratory hour.
Student Advising Notes – Suggested course: MAT 1033 with a grade of "C" or better or satisfactory score on the placement test.