First Responders: Emergency Care Training   [Archived Catalog]
2012-2013 Catalog [Aug. 2012-Aug. 2013]

EMS 1059 - First Responders: Emergency Care Training

Designed specifically for non-medical individuals who wish to learn basic life saving skills, this course provides students with the basic skills necessary to save a life, minimize patient discomfort and prevent further injury. Upon successful completion of this course, students are qualified in basic life support and prepared to enter Fundamentals of Emergency Medical Care, as prerequisite skills are a part of the course content. This course may not be used as an elective by students entering the A.S. or paramedic certificate program.
Degrees Offered: A.S.

Credit Hours:2. 
Contact Hours: 2 lecture hours; 0.5 laboratory hour.
Student Advising Notes – Completion of a health care provider level CPR course (suggested course HED 0300 will meet this requirement).