Adult Health Nursing II   [Archived Catalog]
2012-2013 Catalog [Aug. 2012-Aug. 2013]

NUR 2710C - Adult Health Nursing II

This 12-week course is a continuation of the study of clients with medical and surgical problems from the young adult years through senescence. The focus is on high acuity nursing with emphasis placed on critical illness and acute injury. Problems in the following areas will be discussed: nutrition and metabolism; cardiac and peripheral vascular disorder; respiratory disorders; muscular-skeletal disorders; neurological and sensory disorder; and reproductive disorders. Selected clinical experiences will be afforded students in critical care, acute care, subacute and specialty hospitals.
Prerequisites: NUR 2310C and NUR 2421C.
Corequisites: NUR 2811C.

Degrees Offered: A.S., B.S.N.

Credit Hours:8. 
Contact Hours: 3 lecture hours; 10 laboratory hours.