Fire Chemistry   [Archived Catalog]
2012-2013 Catalog [Aug. 2012-Aug. 2013]

FFP 2111 - Fire Chemistry

This course is designed to provide the student with an understanding of the basic chemistry of hazardous materials, features of matter and energy, forms of matter, chemical formulas of flammable and combustible substances, the nature of chemical bonding, and the principles of chemical reactions in relation to incidents involving fire and/or corrosives. Study involves pyrophoric metals, hypergolics, cryogenics, and pesticides as well as the more common materials and chemicals. Emphasis is placed on methods to recognize hazardous materials in the field. Sources of information relative to safe handling of materials and extinguishing associated fires are studied.
Prerequisites: FFP 1702, MAC 1105 or higher and ENC 1102 or LIT 2000
Degrees Offered: A.S.

Credit Hours:3. 
Contact Hours: 3.