Intelligence Analysis and Security Management   [Archived Catalog]
2012-2013 Catalog [Aug. 2012-Aug. 2013]

DSC 2590 - Intelligence Analysis and Security Management

This course examines intelligence analysis and its indispensable relationship to the security management of terrorist attacks, man-made disasters and natural disasters. It also explores vulnerabilities of the United States national defense and private sectors, as well as the threats posed to these institutions by terrorists, man-made disasters, and natural disasters. Students will discuss substantive issues regarding intelligence support of Homeland Security measures implemented by the United States and explore how the intelligence community operates.

Prerequisites: DSC 1006, ENC 1102 or LIT 1000, MAC 1105 or higher
Corequisites: None.

Degrees Offered: A.A., A.S.

Credit Hours:3. 
Contact Hours: 3.