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    Florida State College
  Jul 06, 2022
2009-2010 Catalog [Aug. 2009-Aug. 2010] 
2009-2010 Catalog [Aug. 2009-Aug. 2010] [Archived Catalog]

Application Instructions

Occupational Therapy Assistant (2355) (A.S.)

Application deadline is May 28, 2010.

Incomplete and/or late applications will not be processed.

Please read all instructions, gather all materials and review application form prior to filling out application.

The following forms should be included in the application packet.

  1. A completed Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) Program Application  (PDF).
    1. Type or print legibly in black or blue ink.
    2. The application consists of the last two pages of this handout.
    3. Review, sign, and date application upon completion.
  2. A recent copy of your Florida State College transcript.
    1. In order to apply to the OTA Program you must have:
      1. A grade of “C” or better in all completed OTA general education courses including the OTA prerequisite courses.
      2. An overall cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
    2. The four prerequisite courses should be completed prior to applying to the program. The courses include:
      4. Mathematics (3 credit hours — Refer to A.S. degree General Education Requirements .)
    3. The Florida State College copy can be unofficial.
    4. All completed OTA general education courses must be highlighted by you with a yellow highlighter on your transcript.
  3. Unofficial copies of all other college transcripts
    1. This applies only to students who have completed courses at other institutions.
    2. If you have been awarded a degree, please highlight degree recognition.
    3. In order to have an accurate transcript you should have an active student record.
    4. Official transcripts are to be sent to the Student Records Office for processing. Send official transcripts to: Student Records Office, Florida State College, P.O. Box 40515, Jacksonville, FL 32203-0515.
  4. Original or official college copy of scores from the PSB Health Occupations Aptitude Examination (HOT Test).
    1. The exam results are to be stapled in the upper left hand corner behind your transcripts.
  5. If completed, a copy of CPR certification (front and back).
    1. To include infant, child, adult CPR and Basic First Aid.
    2. Staple behind the HOT Test.
  6. A completed Clinical Experience Verification Form  (PDF) with reflection page.
    1. You are to complete a minimum of five hours volunteer and/or observation with a licensed occupational therapist or certified occupational therapy assistant.
    2. Fill out the top portion of the form prior to your observation.
    3. Bring the first page of the form with you to your observation site. Following completion of your observation, kindly ask the therapist to complete the bottom half of the page.
    4. Following your observation/volunteer experience type a one-page reflection of your
      experience. Refer to page two of the Clinical Experience Verification Form and sign form.
    5. Do not staple the form or your reflection. Place it in the back of the application packet materials.
    6. As therapists tend to be very busy, please remember to be respectful and thankful of their time and experience by exhibiting professionalism.
    7. Though a minimum of five hours of observation is required additional hours are encouraged including visits to additional OT settings. You may add additional forms to your application. This will help to broaden your understanding of occupational therapy and the role of the therapist.

When all forms are complete and required information gathered, place forms in a large envelope with the application form on top. Mail or hand deliver your completed application packet on or before application deadline (must be postmarked on or before due date) to:

Occupational Therapy Assistant Program
Florida State College
North Campus Room A-306
4501 Capper Road
Jacksonville, FL 32218