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    Florida State College
  Mar 27, 2023
2010-2011 Catalog [Aug. 2010-Aug. 2011] 
2010-2011 Catalog [Aug. 2010-Aug. 2011] [Archived Catalog]

Student Services, Resources and Activities

Academic and Career Planning
Assessment and Certification 
Library/Learning Commons 
Other Student Services 
Special Programs and Services 
University Transfer Information 
Graduation Information 
Student Development 

Academic and Career Planning

Career Development Centers

As a part of the College’s role of helping individuals reach their full potential, career planning services are offered at the Career Development Center on each campus.

Services available in the career development centers include:

  1. career related aptitude, interest and temperament testing;
  2. career research (with current information on occupations, job requirements and career opportunities);
  3. computerized career planning, (an easy–to–use computer system that helps students with career decisions);
  4. Career Options (self–directed, step–by–step career planning);
  5. career counseling, courses (SLS 1301 Career Planning and the World of Work , SLS 1401 Computerized Career Exploration  and SLS 1933 Selected Topics in Student Life Skills ), workshops and seminars; and
  6. job search and selection.

Students who are undecided about their future career plans are encouraged to make an appointment with a counselor to begin the career planning process.

Academic Planning Services

Academic Advising

To assist you in making the best choices regarding courses needed to meet your objectives, Florida State College provides academic advisement. Pertinent information is available on:

  • selection of courses,
  • course prerequisites,
  • transfer requirements,
  • effective study methods,
  • academic progress,
  • availability of resource agencies and
  • other such areas of concern to students.

Advising also provides you with assistance on class scheduling and graduation requirements.

Important: The State of Florida may limit the number of credits a student may take toward his or her degree. You are encouraged to choose a major early to ensure completion of your degree within the credit limit. If you need help choosing a major, make an appointment with your counselor or advisor.

Academic Planning Checklist

One of the most important things that you can do to increase your chances of success in college is to have an effective academic plan. Use this checklist to guide your progress, checking off each item as it is completed.

  • Clearly state your goals.
  • Relate your goals to career options.
  • Determine the educational requirements of your career objective.
  • Explore the educational options available to you.
  • Decide on an educational option.
  • Plan the completion of educational requirements such as course requirements, transfer requirements, licensing requirements, etc.
  • Identify College resources that can assist you.
  • Identify co–curricular activities that can help prepare you for success by enhancing your educational experience.
  • Seek the mentorship of professors teaching in areas related to your career objective.
  • Identify opportunities to become involved in your field of study before you graduate through cooperative education or internships.
  • Periodically review your academic plan with a counselor or advisor in light of your academic experience.
  • Prepare yourself for graduation with employability skills such as interviewing techniques and resume writing.

The counselors and advisors within your counseling and advising center are specially trained to assist you with these tasks. The sooner you get started, the better your chances for success. Certainly, sometime during your first term of enrollment you should get started with this process of academic planning. Make an appointment today!

Degree Audit

You have five years from your term of entry to graduate under your original catalog requirements. It is your responsibility to monitor your progress and enroll for appropriate classes. You should check the accuracy of your degree audit each term. Pay attention to the following items.

  • name, student number, address and program of study
  • courses required for your program of study and the required grades for those courses
  • any additional general education hours required for your degree
  • NOTE - THIS CATALOG IS VALID UNTIL THE END OF SUMMER TERM 2015 (A.A. degree–seeking students may, under certain circumstances, elect to change their catalog year. Contact your campus counseling and advising center if you wish to discuss this option.)
  • total number of earned hours required for graduation
  • currently enrolled courses
  • satisfactory achievement of the CLAS requirements (for A.A. degree program)
  • any messages listed under the statement: “STUDENT CANNOT GRADUATE THIS TERM BECAUSE OF THE FOLLOWING REASON(S)”
  • pass the Information Literacy Assessment (ILAS) if seeking an A.A., A.S. or A.A.S. degree

Your counselor or advisor will be glad to assist you in learning to use the degree audit. Schedule an appointment by calling or stopping by your campus counseling and advising center.

Articulation Issues: Florida state universities are required to admit community college students with A.A. and some A.S. degrees; however, universities may require specific courses for acceptance to limited access programs. For the student’s benefit, the College will work with the appropriate institution to inform students of limited access program requirements, and other requirements, which might affect transfer and graduation. Upon verification, the College honors course substitutions that have been approved by other institutions.


Academic and personal counseling services are available within each student affairs office. Students are encouraged to consult with counselors to discuss issues relating to student life, interpersonal relations, study skills or any life coping concerns which may relate to their college experience.

Classes That Can Increase Your Chances for Success (SLS)

Florida State College offers courses which can help you prepare for success. Some of these classes are: