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    Florida State College
  Feb 03, 2023
2010-2011 Catalog [Aug. 2010-Aug. 2011] 
2010-2011 Catalog [Aug. 2010-Aug. 2011] [Archived Catalog]

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Expectations of Student Conduct 
Procedures for General and Academic Appeals 
Procedures for Handling Alleged Academic Dishonesty 
Due Process
Student Records and Privacy 
Rights for Students in the Associate in Arts Degree Program 
Equal Access — Equal Opportunity 
Harassment and Cyber-harassment 
Sexual Harassment 
Other Policies 

Due Process (Board Rule 6Hx7–2.18)

  1. Every employee and student at Florida State College at Jacksonville shall be entitled to substantive and procedural due process.

    1. As used herein, substantive due process requires that all rules or regulations of the College shall:
      1. be for a proper purpose;
      2. bear a reasonable relation to that purpose;
      3. not be arbitrary or capricious.
    2. As used herein, procedural due process means that an employee or student whose vested rights are affected by action of the College shall be entitled to a reasonable notice of the concerns and an opportunity to present his or her position on the matter.

    3. As used herein, reasonable notice means that the notice is timely (to give the individual time to respond) and adequate (specifying the charge the individual faces).
  2. Every employee and student of Florida State College at Jacksonville shall be entitled to procedural due process prior to suspension or dismissal for cause (as used herein, non continuation of new position orientation employees shall not be considered termination for cause) except that in an emergency, to protect the interests and welfare of the College, the President, the head of the appropriate Major Administrative Unit, or an appropriate designated college officer may, without a hearing, temporarily order the removal from College property of an individual charged with an offense or a violation of a college rule or procedure for which suspension may be warranted.

Such temporary removal shall be communicated directly by the head of the appropriate Major Administrative Unit or his/her designee on site whenever the individual charged with a suspendible offense is deemed by the administrator to present a clear and present danger to the welfare of the College. The person ordered removed shall be requested to remain off College property until a hearing on the matter is provided. (If the person refuses to leave college property when requested to do so, the appropriate College official on site shall contact appropriate law enforcement authorities for assistance and file a charge of trespass against the person so refusing to leave). A notice of the hearing shall be communicated in writing to the person so removed and a written report on the incident shall be filed with the Office of the General Counsel. Persons removed pursuant to this section shall not forfeit any right, privilege or entitlement during the period of removal except their presence on College property, and under no circumstances shall the temporary removal exceed five (5) college days, except as authorized and directed by the College president who may suspend employees until the end of the next regular or special meeting of the District Board of Trustees. All further action by the College in the matter shall comply with the appropriate due process section(s) of the Administrative Procedures Manual established in furtherance of this rule.