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    Florida State College
  Mar 22, 2023
2010-2011 Catalog [Aug. 2010-Aug. 2011] 
2010-2011 Catalog [Aug. 2010-Aug. 2011] [Archived Catalog]

Air Traffic Control (6967)

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Technical Certificate

To take advantage of AT-CTI hiring preferences, students must earn the Aviation Operations (2354) (A.S.)  degree described elsewhere. Completion of the technical certificate courses alone will not result in AT-CTI designation.

The Aviation Operations AT-CTI technical certificate is a selective access track. Applicants must meet the following Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Employment Restrictions.

Florida State College has no restrictions on age or physical conditions of students. However, students desiring to pursue a career in air traffic control should take note of the following FAA requirements:

  1. Must be a U.S. Citizen
  2. Must pass an Air Traffic-Selection and Training (AT-SAT) or Office of Personnel Management (OPM) examination administered by the FAA.
  3. 30-year old maximum age restriction for employment in terminal or en route options.
  4. Security screening background check.
  5. Must meet the medical requirements of FAR 65 and 67 (FAA Class Pilot medical while in a student status).

The ATC program requires extensive reading and interpretation of technical information. The ATC Specialist requires good hand/eye coordination and English language proficiency.

Students should be aware that completing the program requirements does not guarantee employment with the FAA.

This program does not provide a Florida state technical certificate but does provide a Florida State College certificate.

Selective Access Process

To meet the minimum requirements for consideration for acceptance to the Aviation Operations AT-CTI program, students must:

  1. Be currently enrolled at Florida State College.
  2. Have submitted their Aviation Operations AT-CTI application by the deadline for the term for which they are applying.
  3. Have completed or be currently enrolled in the ATC prerequisite classes prior to the application deadline. For each prerequisite, a grade of at least a “C” must be achieved, and an overall college GPA of 2.0 must be maintained.

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The following courses must be completed before students will be admitted into the AT-CTI program:


Total Credit Hours: 28

Graduation Requirements

In order to be awarded a technical certificate, students must have met the following requirements.

  1. Earned a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (C) on all courses attempted at Florida State College.
  2. Completed the required courses as set forth in the College catalog or as approved by the assistant dean of the area.
  3. Students who place into college preparatory courses are required to complete designated college preparatory courses with a grade of “C” or better regardless of program of study. Completed at least one–fourth of the total hours required for a certificate in residence at Florida State College. Before students may graduate, they must have fulfilled all financial obligations to the College.
Note: Students are cautioned to pay particular attention to the following statements.
  1. Graduation dates will be the date at the end of the College term in which students complete the academic requirements for the degree or certificate for which they are applicants. (The removal of an incomplete grade does not affect students’ graduation dates, since the grade change is effective at the end of the term in which the incomplete grade was assigned rather than the term in which the incomplete work was made up.)
  2. If students expect to complete the coursework under the terms of the catalog in effect during the term of their first registration, they must graduate within five years or they will need to be reassigned to an active catalog. Accordingly, students who enter under this catalog (2010/2011) must graduate by the end of the Summer Term 2015, or they will automatically be reassigned to the 2014/2015 catalog requirements. Changes to requirements as mandated by law or by rule of the District Board of Trustees may supersede this provision.
  3. Many courses in this catalog have prerequisite requirements and/or prerequisite courses listed in the course descriptions. Students are advised to be guided by these requirements.
  4. Degree–seeking students whose native language is not English and who fall below a designated cutoff score on the English as a second language entry college placement test (CPT–L), will be required to take English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses prior to registering for other college credit classes. Students from cultures whose language of instruction may have been in English, but the native language is other than English, also come under the CPT–L test and course guidelines. The level of these courses will be determined by the entry placement scores. Individual exceptions will be determined by the EAP program manager. Students who place into EAP, as determined by the test, must complete EAP prefix courses before registering for other college credit classes. Non–degree–seeking college credit students who plan to take English, reading or courses where these are critical requisite skills must also meet these requirements. Exceptions to these requirements can be made by the EAP program manager or designee.


This certificate articulates directly into the Aviation Operations (2354) (A.S.)  program.

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